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Pre-Pitch Extended Kit
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Product Description
  • Pre-PitchÈ is a unique, stay-in-place spreading tool designed for use underneath shower pan liners.
  • Pre-PitchÈ is a unique tool that creates the proper sub floor slope needed underneath the pan liner to manipulate the water towards the weep holes that are integral part of shower floor drains.
  • By having a pitch under the pan liner, water that passes through the mud bed is now directed to the weep holes instead of being trapped between the mud bed and the liner.
  • This 'ponding' or collection of water is where many mold and mildew related issues originate.
  • Easily cut with hacksaw, PVC cutters or grinder.
  • Use on wood sub-flooring or concrete floors.
  • Economical, lightweight non-rotting plastic.

This item weighs: 4 lbs. per unit/each.

Pre-Pitch Extended Kit


Price: $27.00 EA
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