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Quick Pitch Universal Center Ring
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Product Description
The Universal Center Ring is designed for use with either 2" or 3" shower drains, square drain risers and most other specialty shower drains. It comes with a 2" or 3" threaded snap-in insert to match the threaded riser portion of the drain. The Universal Center Ring has 24 Standard Float Sticks attachment slots placed every 15, a 6" upper inside diameter and is 1-3/8" high. It is recommended that extra Standard Float Sticks (No. XFS-101-2) be used because the Center Ring which is included in the Quick Pitch Standard Kit is not needed when using the Universal Center Ring.

NOTE: Positive Weep Hole Protector is NOT included.

This item weighs: 4 lbs. per unit/each.

Quick Pitch Universal Center Ring


Price: $25.00 EA
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