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DalTile Q40 Red Blaze 6
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Product Description
Red Glaze: These unglazed quarry tiles are naturally stain- and slip-resistant, and are available with an abrasive grain for even greater traction.

C.O.F. > 0.60

MEDIUM (V2) Color variation within each tile.

V1 - Low Shade Variation - Minimal shading and texture variation from piece to piece.
V2 - Moderate Shade Variation - Each piece will vary, yet be similar to each other in color and texture variations.
V3 - High Shade Variation - The intensity of each color will vary from tile to tile and may appear different from piece to piece. Most colors will be present in a single piece but will vary to some degree.
V4 - Random Shade Variation - Colors will vary extreme from piece to piece. One piece will have totally different colors from others. Thus, final installation will be unique.

This item weighs: 66 lbs. per carton.


DalTile Q40 Red Blaze 6" x 6" Abrasive Quarry Tile
$ 3.75 Sq Ft

11 Square Feet Per Carton
44 Pieces Per Carton

Price: $41.25 Per Carton
Not sure how many you need? Enter the dimensions of your space below and we'll tell you:
Length:   ft.   x   
Width:   ft.
Total Sq. Footage:
Cartons Needed:
We recommend at least 10% extra for waste. The total cartons needed includes the extra 10%.
$7.50, ground shipping included
Due to computer monitor variation, we strongly recommend that you see the actual product before ordering tile. If you order a sample, please keep in mind that this is a small representation of current stock and your order may vary. If you have questions please call us 1-877-481-4640.
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